"I recently earned my Sensei-rank, Sandan black belt, at MSB.  After studying intermittently in three martial arts in many dojos over some twenty-five years, I can say in retrospect that I wouldn't have wanted to test for this rank anywhere else.  The level of instruction is unmatched, and the knowledge, caring, and dedication brought to each class by not just the instructors, but also the students, makes MSB a wonderful extended family/community.  There simply is no better place to learn "the way," as far as I am concerned, given the positive academic environment that is both supportive and challenging.  I would recommend the school without hesitation to all."

-Justin Braun

"As a school psychologist, as well as a father of one of the students at Mountain Stream Budo, I am fascinated by how the classes and instruction helps organize the students (my son included).  First, the classes are structured to begin with spatial awareness and self-regulation, and then as each class progresses, the language and memory tasks become more targeted.  Interestingly, I see that the greater the self-control the motor demands, the more likely it seems the cognitive demands and overall attention span improves.  The best part is that all of the students internalize a culture of helping each other and of social learning.  And so one of the best indirect benefits of training at Mountain Stream Budo is that friendships form that are not only outside of school but which have implicit social rules of respect, compassion, self-control and discernment.

The instruction blends structure, humor, language (Japanese), logic, and a sensitive understanding of the individual learners.  Many times I have suggested martial arts to families as an activity to help promote self-regulation in their child or children.  But when I do so, I only have the classes and instruction at Mountain Stream Budo in mind."

-  G. Kemp

"Mountain Stream Budo has played an intricate part in my life.  I began training to fulfill a life-long dream of being a karate student and to supplement my weight loss efforts.  Before long, I knew that there was so much more to training than what I had originally thought.  I learned things about myself that, had I not been under the training of three wonderful, completely diverse senseis, I would have never learned.  I was able to do things that I never in a million years would have imagined doing, and it felt so great...so empowering.  That confidence and sense of accomplishment gave me exactly what I needed, both physically and emotionally, to lose nearly 100 pounds.  I will be forever grateful to all of my senseis and fellow students for the very important part that they have played and continue to play in my life."

-   Lori S

"I have studied under the senseis of this dojo, Mountain Stream Budo, for more than half of my life; I can truly say that I feel as though I am part of a second family.  Not only does karate provide a physical workout, but it involves mental and philosophical aspects as well.  The dojo provides an escape from everyday issues and allows me to focus on something that I can continuously work at and improve.

The emotional, philosophical and linguistic aspects of karate have significantly aided me in my transition to college and the preparation to go beyond that.  The skills that are learned in this dojo will become integrated into your daily life.  These skills have helped shape the individual that I am today.  This is in large part due to the three diverse senseis, each of whom bring something unique to the dojo.  This diversity gives every student the opportunity to be exposed to different methods and styles; creating well-rounded individuals.  Martial arts is not merely an activity; it's a way of living--this is something that I have learned through my training at this dojo."

-   Olivia Bizovi

"My name is Don and I've been a police officer for 15 years.  As a police officer I have come to understand that training is everything.  Also, the round-the-clock schedule of the job makes it hard to work out and stay in shape.  At Mountain Stream Budo, I have found a place where I can go to class several times a week and stay in shape, clear my mind of my everyday pressures and meet new people from all walks of life.  The lead instructor has been training the martial arts for about 40 years, and has high level black belts in four disciplines.  This all adds up to a truly wonderful training environment. One interesting thing I have noticed is that the ratio of black belts to new students is very high; in some classes it's almost like having a private instructor.  As a father of three children, I don’t have a lot of time to work out, yet I can fit in training in two arts a few times a week and learn without sacrificing my home life or career."

-  Westchester County Police Detective #104

"My daughter was in Lil' Dragons, and at the time the typical class consisted of around six students.  One day, six brand new kids all showed up together to try a class out to see if they liked it.  It would have been sheer chaos in most dojos, but as I tell everyone, the teacher was amazing.  She kept her cool and didn't let the kids climb the walls or take the place over.  By the end of the class, she had all of the newcomers under control and having fun.  The next day I told her that I thought she did an amazing job.  I don't think any other teacher could have handled it!"

-  Kathy J.


"These days there are many different types of martial arts schools to choose from.  Some are more like gyms than traditional dojos.  Others are “belt factories” where you earn rank simply by showing up and paying the required amount of money.  Mountain Stream Budo is the exception…the “diamond” in the rough.  Sensei Noah Mitchell is a true martial artist.  He is dedicated to his arts, his students and his dojo.  His love for the martial arts is evident in his constant training and continued pursuit of knowledge.

Although Mountain Stream Budo is a traditional school in regard to etiquette, it has a relaxed atmosphere that allows for interaction between students and teachers in a way that fosters growth.  There is incredible attention to detail in all that is taught.  The bar is set high and the teachers at Mountain Stream Budo require proficiency from their students.  Students who attain rank at Mountain Stream Budo have earned it, just as their instructors have.

Whether you are interested in traditional karate from Okinawa, jujitsu or sword arts (battodo) from Japan, or the weapons art of kobudo, Mountain Stream Budo offers superb instruction.  If you would like to become a skilled martial artist under the watchful eyes of truly experienced teachers…if you want the rank you obtain to really mean something, then study at Mountain Stream Budo."

- Sensei Chris Cardillo, Rising Phoenix Martial Arts

"Amazing opportunity for my son to learn life skills that far exceed martial arts.  Sensei Noah Mitchell has been a great martial arts teacher as well as a role model for Gavin."

-Matthew Tucker

MountaIn Stream Budo

Martial Arts

"I have been studying and training with the senseis at Mountain Stream Budo for about 25 years.  They are true martial artists who enjoy the arts that they study, and enjoy sharing these arts with others.  They are professional, authentic, and stay true to their arts to make sure everyone gets the most from their training.  Your strength, size, age or gender doesn't make a difference, as you are taught to use your body as one unified instrument.  The environment and students are very friendly, with a true sense of camaraderie.  Everyone helps each other to grow and learn.  I highly recommend this school!!"​

-Mark G

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"I am currently a student at Mountain Stream Budo in jujitsu and karate, and also assist in the Lil' Dragons program.  After finishing college, I found myself in that uncertain place most 20-somethings find themselves.  I walked into MSB in early February of 2009 looking for a interesting way to stay in shape that didn't involve running endlessly on a treadmill in a gym full of muscle-heads.  I was always interested in martial arts but never had the guts to just do it.  And the first thing I noticed about everyone at this school was how nice and accepting each person is.  There is no judgment based on physical ability or stature.  There is a warm and welcoming atmosphere and everyone feels like family.  MSB has allowed me to meet some diverse and amazingly talented people, and great new friends.

The actual instruction is an experience like no other.  At MSB, you do not just learn how to kick and punch.  It is a complete immersion into a way of life. It's more than just a physical education, it's also a mental and philosophical education.  You learn not just self defense, but Japanese language, a bit of culture and history, and life lessons.  This all-encompassing instruction is due to the school's diverse Sensei.  Each has his or her own interpretation of martial arts and specific teaching style that results in a well-rounded education.  They all provide great workouts, and each has his own intense form of physical conditioning.  My favorite part about training at MSB is the physical as well as mental challenges that keep me alert, curious and in shape. "

-   Mai T.