The martial arts practised at Mountain Stream Budo are all Okinawan or Japanese in origin, and in preserving these traditions, Japanese custom and etiquette are followed, and knowledge of the Japanese language to a degree is necessary.  The following is a basic list of terminology. Ranks and kata are specific to karate only, although many of the courtesies and some of the terminology are applicable to kobudo, jujitsu and Iaido as well.

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Traditional Kendo Meditation

Ken to wa kokoro nari
Kokoro tadashi kariba sono ken tadashi
Kokoro tadashi karazariba
Sono ken mata tadashi karazu
Ken o monoban tu suru mono wa subekaraku
Sono kokoro o manabe

The sword (fist) and the mind are one.
When the mind is right, the sword (fist) is right.
When the mind is not right, the sword (fist) is also not right.
To study the art of kendo, one must first study his mind.


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